Congregations and other entities of the Michigan District may choose from a wide selection of loans and other programs that can help them extend mission and ministry to their communities. These resources include the following:

Loans to Congregations

Loans are available to congregations for a growing variety of purposes including land acquisition, new construction, expansion, remodeling, new equipment, and other means of expanding mission and ministry.

Housing Loans

Loans also are available to congregations for the housing of professional church workers, normally at costs well below other sources. 

Loans for New Starts

Since its founding more than a century ago, Church Extension Fund has given priority to mission congregation loans for site purchases and first church buildings at no interest cost for an initial period.

Loans to District Organizations

Church Extension Fund extends its lending services not only to congregations, but other District entities and organizations as well to enable the expansion of their particular ministries.

Investment Incentive Program

The Church Extension Fund Investment Incentive Program is an integral part of the comprehensive program that we offer to Michigan District congregations when approved for a CEF construction loan. It ties together with our mission statement that we are a ministry partnering Christians together to make resources available for members and churches of the Michigan District in carrying out the Great Commission. The Investment Incentive Program is also the centerpiece of our efforts to be good stewards of the blessings that God has richly provided to His people. For further information, contact the CEF office.

Please call 800-242-3944 for more information.

Automatic Mortgage Payments

Borrowers from CEF may elect to have their loan payment automatically deducted from their local bank account and credited to their loan at CEF avoiding the hassle of writing checks each month...and the payment arrives on time!

Please call 800-242-3944 for more information.

LOAN Frequently Asked Questions

How does Church Extension Fund help congregations?

Church Extension Fund provides loans to new and existing congregations to buy land build and remodel ministry facilities. Loans are offered at competitive rates, often lower than commercial loan rates offered by banks. CEF also offers planning consultation and proven architect contacts.

Does CEF provide both construction and permanent financing?

Yes, both types of loans are available from Church Extension Fund.

How does our congregation apply for a CEF loan?

Contact our office at (800) 242-3944 and ask to speak with someone from the Mortgage Department.

How long does it take to receive a loan?

It depends on many factors. Some projects require more planning than others. Sometimes, architecture or real estate professionals must be consulted. Local regulations and ordinances may have to be met. However, we can assure you that with the help of our CEF Loan Officers, your loan will be processed as quickly as possible.

When will the loan closing be held?

On a date that is mutually agreeable to both CEF and the congregation. CEF must, however, be in receipt of all the requirements outlined in our Letter of Commitment and all title exceptions must be settled.

What is the construction/permanent Promissory Note?

A contractual legally binding agreement between the borrower and CEF. It defines the terms of the loan (amount, payments, interest rate, maturity date, along with other provisions such as late charges, default measures, collateral, etc.). CEF prepares the Note which is signed by the borrower at the loan closing.