The Path Confirmed
March 01, 2018

The Path Confirmed

Christian author Max Lucado tells the childhood story of five boys digging a tunnel over summer vacation.  The ditch was four feet deep and three feet wide, covered with several pieces of scavenged plywood and plenty of dirt.  It went half way across the vacant lot with a hidden entrance and exit.  It was going to be perfect to play out any stories the imaginations of the boys could dream.

But first it had to be tested.  Was it strong enough? Large enough for a boy to traverse?  The only way to know was to send someone through the tunnel.  But who would it be?  It was a tense moment.  Finally a volunteer stepped forward.  He was encouraged by his friends and disappeared into the darkness.  The boys’ hearts pounded, eyes focused on the exit end of the tunnel.   Finally after what seemed like forever, the pioneer emerged from the other end shouting, “There’s nothing to it! Don’t worry!”

How many of us have the courage to climb into the plane as a test pilot or strap into the capsule seat of the rockets headed to space?  That’s what made the trip of Neal Armstrong and crew to the moon so intriguing to us.  They were the first, the dreamers.

There’s something about a living testimony that gives us courage.  Is that why Jesus had to do it?  He told the disciples, the crowds that followed Him just as He tells us.  But the words weren’t enough.  Even healing the sick and raising people from the dead wasn’t enough to convince people that the plan was in place and He was the Way to forgiveness and eternal life.  He needed to die, battle Satan in Hell and emerge victorious from the grave.  He blazed the trail for us.  We can now follow confidently knowing that death has no power over us.  Heaven awaits you!

It’s the story we need to tell.  Tell it during your life and make plans to insure the story is told even after you are gone.  Plant the seeds and let the Holy Spirit nurture the growth, enlarging the throngs that will sing praise to God in Heaven.

Less than 10 percent of Christians remember to include a Ministry Gift as part of their Estate Plan.  Maybe you will be the Pioneer, the first in your family to make that final estate gift for the time you celebrate in Heaven.  Does your family expect an inheritance from you?  Would they miss it if you blessed your favorite ministries with that final tithe or adopted ministry as another member of the family and included them in the distribution of your Estate?

Blaze the trail.  Be the example to your family and explain to them the impact your gift will have, sharing the great news of Jesus’ victory over death and paving our path to eternity with God.

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