Invisible Legacies
June 01, 2017

David Green, the Founder of Hobby Lobby, had some interesting insights in his new book, “Giving It All Away…and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously”.  He talks about his upbringing in a pastor’s home, moving around from small town to small town, watching how his parents handled life.

His parents gave money together for missions, but his mother wanted to make her own offering for missions.  So she made and sold doilies, the crocheted mats some use for decoration on tables. That memory still sticks with him.  Green states, “Everything that I have and all that I long to pass on to my descendants has grown from the riches my parents embedded in my life”.

A legacy of true value is a legacy made of more than money.  It’s a legacy conceived in wisdom, nurtured by principle and sustained by character.  If we only pass money to the next generation, we lay a crushing load upon them.  The inheritance of greater value is the sum of how we live, what we believe and the content of the dreams that carry us to success.

The legacies our generation hopes to pass on to the next are not made of money alone.  Money is important, and we should be grateful we have enough to give to our children.  Yet the greater parts of our legacies are made of invisible things.  They are the family stories we have to recount.  They are the values those stories have to teach.

Invisible qualities, not money, make life worth living.  Because of these qualities, we can build a legacy worth passing on.  That legacy has certainly impacted David Green.

We are all wired differently.  We all have different callings in life.  The stories resulting from our histories are unique, but each can be significant to pass along to those around us.  Those stories and what our children observe can have a lasting impact as they barrel down the path of life.

As we plan to share our earthly riches with our heirs, we can also reinforce the eternal importance of our faith by including a financial Legacy Gift to those ministries that have had the greatest influence on our lives.  By including this final “Offering” in our plans, we help insure the Gospel truth will be shared with others long after we are Home.  It can be a final example that continues to shape how our children react to the world.

Complete your Plan now and make a difference forever!

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