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Church Extension Fund is a ministry of partnering Christians to make resources available for members and churches of the Michigan District in carrying forward the Great Commission.

Connecting Generations in a Christian Legacy

The Michigan District Church Extension Fund enjoys a rich tradition of consistent growth that now spans four generations of Lutherans. Church Extension Fund (CEF) is a ministry – a community of Lutheran investors – that serves as the primary source of capital funding for Lutheran churches and schools in Michigan. CEF provides affordable, low-interest loans for buying, building, expanding, renovating and equipping churches and schools for the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.

Beyond this important work, Church Extension Fund provides its investors with competitive investment options through a host of financial investment products. When you put your funds into CEF, you can take satisfaction in knowing that you are investing in not only your family’s future, but also in the future of the Lutheran Church in the Michigan District.

We invite you to explore further and discover how CEF can help you reach your savings goals. Together, with our investments and God’s grace, we may sustain this vital connection and assure the legacy for generations to come.

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What Makes People Willing
Oct 01, 2016

What Makes People Willing To:


Remember the opening scene from the movie “Saving Private Ryan”?  The movie recreates storming the Normandy beaches on D-day.  What made those men leave the landing craft and push to the beaches through unending enemy machine gun fire?  There was fear.  There were those who may not have wanted to leave the relative safety of the boats.  There was resolve, sense of duty and maybe love for their buddies. We see soldiers willing to jump on grenades, run back to pull others to safety or race headlong into harm’s way to accomplish the task.

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Interest Rates
Sep 01, 2016

Q: What affect does a Federal Interest Rate hike have on rates at Church Extension Fund?

Savers have endured historically low interest rates for the past several years (as if you needed reminding),

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